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Due to a high volume of inquiries we ask that you please be as thorough in your description as possible. Use this guide to help you send an email with the proper information, so that we can better assist you.

1. Briefly describe the tattoo you are interested in getting. 

2. Please indicate whether you want the tattoo in black and grey, or color

3. Tell us about how big you wanted the tattoo to be

4. Please include any references that you think may be helpful in creating the design.

5. Please send a clear picture of the area you are looking to get tattooed. 

6. Include a good contact number to reach you at just in case we are having trouble reaching you via email.

***NOTE: Not following these steps properly may result in your email being skipped over, so please be as thorough as possible!***

By clicking below I acknowledge that I have fully read and understood the above instructions.

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