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Since childhood, Kara has been a passionate and dedicated artist. While working towards her BA in Studio Arts from the University of Maryland, she continued to pursue her desires in the arts, leading her to work in a variety of museum and gallery settings. After time being spent helping other artists gain exposure, she finally began to honor her own lifelong needs and desires to become a Tattoo Artist. Kara found her way to Mister Finster’s in 2022, and through her upmost kindness and compassion to all who walk in the studio, she worked her way up to become our current Tattoo Apprentice. Kara’s high attention to detail and precision with her drawings translate incredibly well to her tattoos. She is extremely patient and takes her time with each tattoo she does. She is interested in Blackwork, Black & Grey, and Engraving. She loves to create dark imagery, flora & fauna, and vintage takes on modern designs.

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